About the 100 Books Club

Welcome to the 100 Books Club!

Some of us have a goal (or dream) of reading 100 books (or 25,000 pages, for those of us who tend to read thick books) in a year.
The rest of us are just curious about how many books we (and other people) actually read in a year.

The requirements for membership are very simple.
Actually, I think I just listed them!

If you'd like to join, shoot me an e-mail: 
writergal @ bookwyrm.us

This is a work in progress, and will change throughout the year.
Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!

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Give me the following information:
The name you want me to use for your listing.
(Your choice, but first come, first served if there are duplicates.)
A link if you wish, preferably to your book list or book reviews if you have such a page, but a link to a bio or your online journal/blog is also OK.
(No link is required, though. I will list just your nickname if you want.)
The number of books and/or pages you've read so far this year.
(If you haven't been keeping count of pages but would like to, Barnes and Noble lists the page counts. I assume Amazon.com does as well.)

Then you contact me when you want to update your count.
(Make sure to include your username.)
Of course, nothing will happen if you don't update your count.
But what's the point of joining if you don't keep score?
If you don't want to show off your count, there's nothing stopping you from coming back here to read other people's counts even if you don't join.
(Actually, if I notice I haven't had an update from you in a long time, like a month or more, I will probably attempt to contact you and either get an update or see if you wish to be removed from the list. If you happen to be behind on your reading and you have no update, that's fine, too. I'll still mark you updated so I know you've been contacted.)

For the record, Talking Books or books on tape users are welcome!
Whether you are reading or being read to, you are still consuming books.